The CTRL Team plays an integral part in safeguarding everyday lives.

Cybersecurity Engineer

CTRL Group’s cybersecurity engineers are responsible for protecting the networks and systems of our clients against threats from adversaries. This is a highly collaborative role between your peers and our clients. Great importance is placed on the role in the capacity of directing cybersecurity improvements within a client’s environment. This ranges from weekly working sessions to more in-depth augmentation with their team to assist in their business requirements.

  • Conducting weekly account optimisation sessions with CTRL’s SOC clients
  • Advising and managing long-term remediation solutions with customers
  • Leading technical onboarding of the SOC service and ensuring service and support are provided to customers
  • Providing proactive suggestions to customers to bolster cybersecurity within their environment
  • Troubleshoot deployment and technological issues relating to customers’ SIEM or security architecture.
  • Developing and managing the content required to detect threats and incidents across the SOC technology stack
  • Provide asset and service reviews of existing clients’ services
  • Develop reporting metrics for use case management insights
  • Collaborate with Security Analysts for content requirements and detection rule tuning
  • Map out logical workflows for remediating security incidents
  • Provide feedback on how to automate workflows
  • Plan & execute any internal infrastructure changes required
  • Developing Forensic Investigative capabilities
  • Assisting sales representatives when called upon for client meetings, presentations and project scoping
  • Share knowledge of current cybersecurity trends, as well as emerging trends and hacking techniques

Working at CTRL Group

CTRL Group take every opportunity to make a positive impact in this ever-changing world of cybercrime.

The future success of CTRL Group coupled with the CTRL Team is equally important to driving one another through accountability, honesty, and constant innovation. Join the CTRL Team on the movement - Pioneering Australia's transition to cyber excellence.