• Identify and rate your external vulnerabilities
  • Understand and address basic vulnerabilities
  • Gain visibility into how a hacker views your organisation
  • Determine if a malicious actor has been able to breach your organisation without your knowledge
  • Find leaked data on the dark web

DarkVision by CTRL Group is an innovative solution developed to give your organisation a baseline view of your risk exposure and overall cybersecurity posture. DarkVision is inspired by a powerful tactic malicious hackers use when identifying their targets and assessing how much effort it would take to conduct a successful hack of their systems.

A hacker will use multiple vectors to breach your organisation, many of those tactics are out of the realm of thought for an IT department. Common strategies malicious hackers deploy with the information gathered from a scan are phishing attacks, web application attacks, malware injections and etc. The DarkVision scan by CTRL Group is designed to ensure your organisation is a step ahead of the hackers and is proactive in addressing critical cyber risks.

Stay ahead of hackers through DarkVision

Web Application Scan

A web application scan discovers vulnerabilities an attacker can use to disrupt the businesses availability or access sensitive information. A web application scan imitates the actions of an attacker who is equipped with tools and resources that have the capability to break through website defences. Although no major damage is inflicted during the scan, an attacker will use it as a basis to conduct a web application penetration test.

External Scan

An external scan discovers vulnerabilities to determine what information is exposed to the outside world. It is often times a mandatory test required for compliance regulations. An external test imitates the actions of an attacker who is equipped with tools and resources that have the capability to break through security defences.

Dark Web Credentials Scan

CTRL Group leverages multiple breach sources to discover exposed and leaked credentials. By using your domain, we identify credentials caused by 3rd party or internal attacks. Breaches on third party environments can be a major risk if your users are reusing weak passwords across multiple services.

How to receive your complimentary scan?

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